Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quilted bags + Tufted Sofa

I have found a new love for quilted bags and tufted furniture. I see them everywhere now. From Kate Spade to Marc Jacobs, and Havilah! Everyone seems to have embraced this Chanel aesthetic.  

I just ordered the Chantal in black soft calfskin leather from Havilah, at a decent price. I am beyond excited and cannot wait to see it.  I got the purse to wear to a friend’s wedding this summer. I wanted something chic, large enough to hold all my “ngwo-ngwo” , dressy enough to wear to service, and versatile so I can wear it everywhere. You will hear about it as soon as it comes.

I am currently craving:

This  Sofa. I keep dreaming about it and imagining it in my living room with printed accent chairs, and lots of colorful throw pillow. Talk about “Better soup na money kill am!”
These shoes. Heaven knows I have always wanted sparkly shoes. *deep sigh* need to get back to work!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love List

Happy valentines day to you and yours! i hope you are celebrating in some fun way today. Hubby is not around, so i will curl up under the comforter, watch a good movie, and enjoy remains of our Barkenale soup.

Today i am loving:
  • This Song.
  • This Book "There was a country" by Chinua Achebe. Just finished this book. It is a must read for every Nigerian.

  • This 100% Italian uber chic leather bag which everyone should totally own.

  • Vlisco which is inspiring my outfit selection for my friend's wedding in March. Love their Barack Obama collection

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The best healthy soup you ever had.

It is 8:52PM in Baltimore, cold, raining outside, and just the perfect time for this Barkenale (barley + chicken + kale) soup. This soup boasts of wholegrain (barley), leafy greens, protein, and is very colorful.  Try it and please let me know how you like it.
  1. 11/2 cup pearl barley
  2. 3 large carrots (cleaned and chopped)
  3. 3 large parsnips (cleaned and chopped)
  4. one bunch celery (cleaned and chopped)
  5. 1/2 onion (chopped)
  6. garlic
  7. black peper
  8. salt
  9. ginger
  10. fresh rosemary
  11. fresh sage
  12. fresh thyme
  13. Salmon (cubed)
  14. Boneless Chicken (cubed)
  15. Oil
  16. 12 cups of water
  17. 1 cube maggi
  18. Some Kale (washed and chopped)
  1. Season the salmon with salt or old bay and put in the oven for about 15mins or until it is golden
  2. In a pot, sauté the onions and celery for 5mins
  3. Add the chicken and all the seasoning/spices
  4. Add the barley
  5. Add water
  6. Cook for about 20 mins or until the barley is chewable
  7. Add carrots, parsnips, and kale
  8. leave soup to cook for 5 mins
  9. Turn off heat
  10. Serve with cubes of salmon atop.

For the bread, just slice wholewheat french bread and coat with a mixture of olive oil + salt + pasta seasoning, and pop in the oven for about 5 mins.